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round or with copper tape separated by thin layers of insulation. Provides outstanding performance in a wide range of applications in the transportation, industrial, construction and marine industries. I was left with the heap of burned, charcoal-like insulation shown here, kilometers of thin, crumbly, burned copper wire, burned pieces of hookup wire, these photos, and a piece of paper where I had written down wire sizes and turn numbers. This impregnation had several purposes: Mainly, it would seal the pores of the paper, making it a really good insulator, while without the impregnation it would only insulate as well as the same thickness of air! Then the four ends of the cotton straps are crossed over, pulled tight, and reattached to the bobbin, and the cotton ropes are wound another turn, taking care to avoid tangling the straps with the ropes! For transformers that have the windings on top of each other (instead of side-by-side I suggest to always first wind the windings that use the thin wire, then the ones using thicker wires, regardless of which will be primary and secondary. I drilled all these holes where needed, while winding. The red wire on the right side in this photo has this kind of enamel. The first is the all-important flux density.

To make a typical transformer, you need the iron laminations for the core, enameled copper wire of several different diameters for the windings, a bobbin (or some material to hookup into relationship make one insulating material to apply between wire layers, between windings, around the whole winding assembly, and on exposed. To solve the spam and scammer issues CL personals was plagued with at that time, Casualx set up a system and a team to review all profiles. A typical design sequence using this spreadsheet would be to first enter the tentative core size and loss, the required voltages and frequency, then start with something like 1 tesla and.35mm2/A, leaving the fill factor.4 and setting the temperature rise according. It's an E80 (the center leg is 80mm wide typically used for transformers in the 3 to 10 kilowatt range! After connecting this pigtail, which is the end of the primary winding, I had to apply such safe insulation. As a result, both windings are spaced about the same 5mm from the sides.

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