sewer hookup spokane valley

income is variable. The Spokane Conservation District (SCD) assumes no responsibility for the property owners connection to the sewer. SCD Loan/Grant Agreement: A loan/grant agreement will be developed based upon eligibility of property owner. Sewer lines are cleaned with an augur or a high-pressure water jet. Below are the steps in the process. Project Completion/Verification and Payment: The contractor/property owner will notify the SCD of the project completion. Havana, spokane, WA 99202.

Sewer hookup spokane valley
sewer hookup spokane valley

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Landscape Restoration: After the inspection, the trench will be back-filled and restored to its original site condition. If you're experiencing problems such as blocked or slow drains, a plumber can diagnose the issue by using a device that captures video of the pipe's interior. In lieu of pay stubs, you will need to provide a benefit verification letter. or through the Spokane Social Security office at Suite 100, 714 N Ironbridge Way, Spokane, WA 99202, phone. Complete the application packet and submit it with all required documentation to Barry Tee, the SCD OSS Loan Officer. The SCD further requires that the septic tank abandonment be completed the same time the connection is completed. Letter of Credit: A letter of credit from the SCD will be issued to the selected septic connection contractor for workmanlike services. Introduction, this guide is intended to provide general information for applying for financial assistance, the process required in abandoning your septic system and connecting to the Spokane County Sewer System. Low-Interest Loans (eligibility sCD will provide the following loan rates to qualified property owners determined by their income level and total cost of connection. You can submit (hand deliver or mail) your application and all required documents to: Spokane Conservation District, septic Connection Program 210. Call today for a free estimate on your sewer system project. Five-year loan terms:.

The SCD Sewer Connection Assistan ce Program is designed to provide financial aid to property owners.
The SCD s Sewer Connection Assistance Program is designed to provide.
At Su ite 100, 714 N Ironbridge Way, Spokane, WA 99202, phone.

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