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have a top-notch drink and a good conversation. A grand fireplace and plush, wine-hued furnishings lend the place an air of libertine exclusivity while heavy drapery shields you from prying eyes. True to its name, weekday happy hour specials and resort vibes lure an eclectic after-work crowd, so youre bound to find a regrettable hook-up to go along with your embarrassing cocktail. Snag shot-size samples from bartenders before committing, then settle in at a high-top table.

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This neighborhood staple is a more low key option than the well known Bohemian Hall and Beer Garden across the street. Winegasm Courtesy of Winegasm Winegasm Winegasm is the perfect spot for those who prefer a Merlot to an IPA, Champagne to Bourbon and intimate conversation to yelling over music at a bar. Read more, photograph: Dan Hallman. Squeeze into the cozy, candle-lit window seat if you do meet your match. A crowded backyard, tight bar area, and tighter photo booths are all prime for mingling fluids - plus theres a taco truck! Madison Park Smash - pings all the boys to the yard. The Bonnie, the Bonnie is a new bar that brings that artisanal quality usually associated with. Sex and the City fantasy replete with salary-defying apartments, glamorous parties, and dated cocktails?