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GRN To PGM Smoke Detector Power 11VDC To AUX Latching 4-wire smoke detector (ESL model 445C) eeprom Reset Z1 COM Z2 Z3 COM Z4 Z5 COM NC NC NO NC End-of-Line End-of-Line Resistor Resistor.5W.5W EOL resistor EOL. Do not replace fuses with higher values than noted in this drawing. Question, how do I connect blue and white wires to red, green, yellow, and black wires?

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Maximum Humidity:.H. IN OUT ALM OUT WHT RED eolr-1 Refer to installation guidelines when placing smoke detectors. This equipment is UL listed for limited energy installations per NEC article 760. Recognized limited energy cable should be used. Temperature Range: 0C-47C (32F-120F). Z6 R-1 T-1 RNG TIP GRY BRN RED GRN RJ31-X cord RJ31-X Telephone Plug WHT RM-1 Power loop supervisory relay 11VDC 35mA max.